Bring on the Heat: Heated Massage Chairs and Their Different Health Benefits

News 01:07 July 2020:

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The health benefits of heat have been studied for many years. There is even a type of therapy known as heat therapy that has been developed as a result. Many massage chairs have a heated feature that can add elements of increased health benefits to those that utilize these types of chairs. But, not everyone who uses these chairs understands the benefits that they are accessing. Therefore, the following article focuses on the different benefits of heated massage chairs and how they can improve the overall health of users.

The Warming Effect

Any chair that has a heat factor is going to warm up the body. After all, that is the point. But, the heat factor does more than just warm the body and increase its temperature. It helps to warm up the muscles as well. When the muscles become warmer, there is a loosening effect. This loosening effect combats the tightness that comes from stressed, strained, and pulled muscles. It can help to alleviate pain and cause an overall better feeling body. Massage chairs that have a heat feature, then, are able to bring this effect to the user as well.

The Stress Relief

Another reason that a heat feature is added to many massage chairs is because it helps to promote stress relief. The warming sensation washes the body in a feeling of relaxation and comfort. As such, the body is better able to release stress. This effect takes place both physically and mentally. A more relaxed body is one that promotes the release of hormones that are connected with happiness. This, then, helps to alleviate stress and leave the body in a more relaxed state. Massage chairs, then, that have heat features are great for those that want to release stress and feel more relaxed with each use.

The Muscle Pain Relief

It may come as no surprise but the heat feature on massage chairs can lead to pain relief in the muscles. The loosening effect, noted earlier, actually works to combat the pressure that the body can put on nerves and muscles. This loosening, then, leads to a reduction in the pain levels in the muscles. This is especially true in the back region that is susceptible to lumbar pressure from shifting muscles and bones. Muscle pain relief is one of the greatest and most noted benefits of having a massage chair with a heat feature.

The Internal Pain Reduction

As noted above, muscle pain relief is one of the top reasons that people choose heated massage chairs. The chairs themselves, usually with a click of the button, heat up and begin to ease the stress of muscles in the back and other parts of the body. The pain reduction feature, though, does not stop there. There is evidence to suggest that heat therapy can lead to internal pain relief unassociated with muscular pain as well. For instance, menstrual pain is greatly helped for many when they use heated massage chairs during that portion of their cycle. Pain associated with trauma, too, can be better combated through the use of massage chairs with heat for many individuals suffering.

The Blood Flow Benefit

Heat therapy does more than just release stress and aid in pain relief. It can also increase blood flow in the body as well. Heated features on massage chairs have been shown to help increase circulatory health by motivating the body to pass blood through the cardiovascular system more readily. As such, these heat features can be great for those that are suffering from circulatory problems and may be well incorporated into an existing health plan.

The Things to Know

The above features and benefits of a heated massage chair are all positive. They are also all related to the overall health of the body. As such, there is an important responsibility that comes when an individual incorporates a heated massage chair into their health routine. It is vital that those trying to utilize massage chairs for a specific health purpose to talk to their doctor or health care professional prior to using. This will help to increase benefit and protect against any issues that may arise from using massage chairs.