Twitter Followers- How to get noticed by getting the right audience.

News 02:07 July 2020:

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If you have a Twitter account, you must be wondering how to get noticed by getting the right audience.  Audience just doesn’t come on their own: you have to make steps that are necessary if you want to get noticed.  The first and most important thing you need to do is to create an account.  You will then decide if this is an individual or business account.  Twitter accounts are absolutely free and anyone, in their right mind, should not charge you any money for opening any Twitter account.  Once account opening has been addressed, then you can consider the best and easiest ways to getting Twitter Followers.

You need to get focused on how to use Twitter before looking for followers.  It would be of great help to understand the way the platform works and if you cannot do it alone, use the freely availed guidelines for users.  You also need to read the statements and regulations to avoid finding yourself on the wrong side of the law.  The code of conduct must be followed to the letter but you also need to know that rules and regulations change from time to time, so you need to keep checking the same.

If you are looking for Twitter Followers you should consider adding photos to your feeds.  Available research indicates that those with photos get close to between 30 – 30% re tweets.  This in essence is a number each user yearns for whether they say it or not.  You also need to gain trust on Twitter by having your account verified.  You might find this a little off the hook, but a provider with over 300 million users how many number of impersonators do you think are there?  It is therefore necessary to have your account verified as to increase your trust levels.

Verification takes a few minutes but is necessary if you want to others to trust you.  Firstly, open your account and provide the details required which are namely a bio, photo just to name a few.  You will also need to provide an email account.  Next, you will be required to consider the name you use.  Can someone easily identify it or they have to scratch their heads off to think of who you are.  Thirdly ensure that you fill out the required form by providing all the required details.  You will also need to provide some form of identification as per requirement.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.  Answers are not given immediately; you will be notified by mail if your account is verified, if not you still have a chance to retry again.  All is not lost.  You can still build Twitter Followers steadily.  Once your followers tart coming in, it is wholly upon you to keep them.  If people un-follow you at one time or another, it might look inconsequential but think again.  It is quite unpleasant to have people un-follow you because mistakes that you would have ordinarily handled and corrected.


What makes people un-follow you?

If you become boring and continue retweeting the same things over and over, you will be sure to lose a few followers.  It takes time and effort to get followers and just a click to see them go.    Secondly post content that is within your group and stop making silly and or unnecessary comments.  If you have nothing to say you’d rather keep quiet rather than take sides on issues that are very touchy and way within your league and or followers.  If possible avoid controversial issues at any cost.  It is not worth the effort you have put in building your following.

It is also important to answer questions when asked.  Don’t be too busy to get Twitter Followers.  These are the audience that makes you who you are on Twitter platform.  Be interactive on the platform, it gives other users the chance to be able to socialize with you even on an online platform.  People have different issues and most often than not they rarely nowhere to address such issues.  If they can trust you enough to want to talk to you, give them a hearing.  Keep it short precise but quite interactive.

It is therefore not impossible to increase your followers online.  You still can increase the same by doing some of the following that have been found to have worked wonders to many people.  The most unused ways of increasing followers is through connections.  Do you know that you don’t have to get to everyone on the Twitter platform?  Firstly, you will have access to them as most of them are not in your connections.  Secondly, the social media platform as the name suggest is ‘social’ and it is not therefore about you.  Use the connections you have to increase your following.  You will be amazed at the results.

If you are on Twitter and are interested in increasing your twitter Followers, you will need to tweet more.  Tweeting more requires content that others can identify with and easily follow.  You might not have realised it but those who always tweet tend to have more followers compared to those who make no effort.  Learn to schedule your posts to when people are able to follow.  If you have a large following, it would be proper to tweet and re-tweet the same post 12 hour later to capture the group that are on a different time zone.  If you are creative enough to capture your followers you will be surprised at the increase.

Lastly, join chat groups.  Chat groups have numerous following and join their topics of discussion.  Before you retweet ensure that you understand the trending topic.  Chat groups are quite interesting fields where apart from meeting new people you can learn a lot about a place, an individual or even around your location.  The good thing with chats is that you will be able to meet people who share your interests.  If you intend to increase your following, you need to do your research as there are numerous ways you can do the same without ever purchasing.